The Tai Chi Chuan of

Yang ChengFu


Yang Chengfu or Yang Ch'eng-fu (simplified Chinese: 杨澄甫; traditional Chinese: 楊澄甫; pinyin: Yáng Chéngfǔ) (1883-1936) is historically considered the best known teacher of the soft style martial art of Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan).

What's NEW

Yang Chengfu "Das vollständige Buch von
Form und Anwendung des Taijiquan", in original Chinese and German, translated and illustrated by
Matthias Wagner. Big format, ca. 21 x 30 cm, 192 pages, 126 pictures.



The Poster
All of the 104 pictures of Yang Chengfu doing the long form
100 x 42,5 cm. High-quality print on 130g/m²-paper. Safe shipping in cardboard roll plus box

We recently discover the art of Matthias Wagner and want to share with you this wounderfull arts. We encourage you to obtain this remarkable work: